30 April 2012

Balliem is Beautiful Place

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Balliem is Beautiful Place
By: Mickaus Gombo
Many People think that Baliem Valley is great and beautiful place. After they come to Baliem Valley, they feel in love with it.
Sometimes, they are amazing” God created these place. But the local never say thank to God for God’s Creation, so that we must give and build awareness for them continuously (Balliem’s local People).
Why, I said like this?. I have the main argument that Local People have awareness but they have lowest knowledge for protecting area, like forest, mountain, and river and many other things.
Therefore, we give some kinds of conservation lesson individually or collectively by good educational system. In this chance, I would like to say that Indonesian government in Papua never protect Papua’s  Nature. The topography of Baliem Valley, located on the  141 and 137 degree on the sea level.  Baliem valley is suitable for building agriculture system. For example; Many of vegetables and fruits. Vegetables like Cobage, Bawang leave, Buncis, Carrote, and others.
The Baliem Valley separately by a river. It is Baliem River. In the  local language, they said “ I Badlim “. Viollance is the Colour of the river. Balliem river never clean, but it always violence colour. There are many fishes, lobsters. Local said “Kuna” dan Malay or Melayu said “Udang” . many people called it Udang selingkuh. Why, they mention it like that because form it. It is very amazing. Come and  try to enjoy it.
Many biology scientists never make research about this local resources’.  As the local generation of Baliem Valley, we are ready to help many people who want to do research about flora and fauna. 
 Sometimes, we could be difficult for looking some strategies for doing research because we don’t have enough facilities to support this idea.
Even though wamena is the small city but we are ready to become a transit city and the center of many aspects. Like, health system, economic system or ecotourism, education system, infrastructure system and social development.    Many people know that Baliem Valley is the nice place. It is a must place visited by you.  If you not come to Balliem Valley, so that  you do not  come to Papua, because Baliem’s Culture and art  is the representative of  Papua original Culture. The Baliem’s Culture is very unique and different from the others culture of the other parts of Papua.

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